To run SQL Server Profiler users must be granted ALTER TRACE permission or they must have the SYSADMIN privilege. Today I will show you how to give ALTER TRACE permission to a user who does not  have SYSADMIN privilege.

For demo purpose I have created a login called “testuser” which is using SQL Server authentication. I have given this user db_datareader role membership in master and AdventureWorldLT2008 database.

Now if I try to create a trace with “testuser” credentials then I will get the following error message saying that the user does not adequate permissions to run trace.

Now lets see how to give the user ALTER TRACE permission:

SSMS — Under Security tab –> Logins –> Right click the login name to modify the properties –> Securables tab –>Click  Search –> Select the instance you want to add the permissions to –> Under Explicit tab –> Select the GRANT Check box against ALTER  trace permission. –> Click OK

Now lets try to create trace with the “testuser” login:

Yes we can create the trace as “testuser” . So this explains how we can give ALTER TRACE permission to a login.


Subhro Saha