Recently one of the DBA in my team had developed one Stored Procedure to defragment the index in the databases. He created a SQL Job and executed the stored procedure. The Job finished successfully but when he checked the history of the job then he saw series of “SQLState 01000” messages..I am attaching the screenshot of the message..

He estimated that these are some kind of warnings and came to me for suggestions. I knew the issue already.

These are not any warnings and the SQL Job was running fine. These are just the messages that SQL Server appends after every PRINT command. I told him to comment out the PRINT statements in the Stored Procedure and the run the SQL job. Next time it did not give any messages and executed successfully. If you are also wondering about any such messages then let me know, may be I can offer some solution. Till then, Keep coding and keep learning.


Subhro Saha