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Today I was doing some testing in Mirroring in one of my alpha server. I was using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise R2 RTM. I was trying to set up mirroring on a database that was encrypted using the new feature introduced in SQL Server 2008 called Transparent Database Encryption (TDE).

In this blog I am not going to give the details on how to set up mirroring, for that I need to write a separate blog. I was trying to set up mirroring using GUI. I completed all the configurations and the moment I tried to Start the mirroring I got the below exception:

I think there is some issue with SSMS GUI. To workaround this problem I used TSQL to setup mirroring and it worked. I have already created the endpoints with default Port 5022  to configure mirroring so I am not going to show how to create Endpoints using TSQL in this Blog.

–On Mirror Server, execute the following TSQL:

ALTER DATABASE <Database_Name> SET PARTNER = ‘TCP://<Principal Server>:5022’

–On Principal Server, execute the following TSQL:

ALTER DATABASE <Database_Name> SET PARTNER = ‘TCP://<Mirror Server>:5022’

Now your mirroring is started with High Safety without Automatic Failover mode. If you want Automatic Failover then you can configure Witness Server from GUI, it should work fine.

I hope this will help to sort out your mirroring issue with databases encrypted by TDE.


Subhro Saha