About myself..

Hi!! Thank you for visiting my blog. Let me quickly tell you something about myself.

First of all, the main reasons to start this blog:

  • Want to share everything whatever I know mainly about databases like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2. I will be writing blogs which will be useful for variety of professionals like database developers, database architect and database administrators.
  • Want to have an online presence.

I have been getting good response from various discussion forums and many database professionals are liking my posts. Many professionals are writing to me for various information and urging me to write on various topics related to databases. I always try to write the blogs with practical examples which we use in our day-to-day professional lives so that we can relate in a better way. So Thank you for your support and motivation.

Now a brief discussion about myself. My name is Subhro Sankho Saha (just call me Subhro). I was born in Jalpaiguri, which is located in West Bengal, India. But for last 20 years I am living in New Delhi (Capital of India).

I am working as Software Engineer in Hewitt Associates, one of the world’s leading HR consulting and outsourcing companies in Delhi, India. Prior to this, I was with ABN AMRO Bank (Now called RBS) and ATS Services Pvt. Ltd. I am Microsoft Certified IT Professional in Database Administration, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SQL Server, Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle 9i and IBM Certified Designer-Cognos 8




Now about my hobbies and interests, I like writing code and studying more and more about databases. I love spending time online discussing with different professionals from different backgrounds about databases which helps me to broaden my knowledge and understanding about the databases. I love to travel and I am interested in photography as well. I like reading novels and listening to music. Last, but not the least, I am a great Cricket fan.

Thats all I have now. I hope you will enjoy my blogs. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions.
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You can also mail me: subhroleo1@yahoo.com

Thank You

Subhro Saha